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Southwestern Health Resources was created to keep you and your loved ones healthy through preventing disease and managing health conditions.

Whether you’re looking for a primary care physician or need to find a specialist, our network offers you access to quality care conveniently located throughout North Texas.

SWHR is a clinically integrated network of more than 7,000 providers, 31 hospitals and more than 650 outpatient facilities and clinics
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Voluntary alignment for Medicare patients

Help us provide better care for you.



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Answers to health questions you care about most

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Patient health resource
Breast Cancer
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Patient health resource
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Patient health resource
Cervical cancer
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Patient health resource
Patient health resource
Colorectal cancer

Additional patient resources

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Nutrition Services
Our nutrition program empowers individuals to self-manage their conditions through a healthy diet and lifestyle.
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What kind of care do I need?

Get tips on whether to go to the emergency room, urgent care center or doctor's office when you need medical attention.

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Annual wellness visit checklist

Download this helpful checklist and take it with you to your annual wellness visit appointment.


English (PDF)

Español (PDF)

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Managing your medication

It can be challenging to take medications as directed. View helpful tips and keep a simple log to manage your medications.

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Preventing falls

Many falls are preventable. Check out these home safety tips to reduce your risk of injury from a fall.


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Tiếng Việt (PDF)

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Manage stress to lower blood pressure

You can learn to cope with stress in healthy ways. Better stress management can help you control hypertension.